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Euregia 2014 OctoberEuregia, in Leipzig from 27 to 29 October 2014 and the 16th IP-Dialog Forum, within the Euregia, on 29.10.2014. Both venues are unique events organized for local and regional development. This fair, forum and congress offers a platform for knowledge, innovative ideas and concepts sharing. Participants discuss their research findings, present best practice examples and experiences. The international forum is a unique place for know – how exchange. The platform covers a wide scope of business areas and enables different groups of companies to meet and network. This is also an ideal gathering place for European institutions, national and territorial authorities, educational and research institutions, professional associations, regional institutions, cities and municipalities, financing institutions, industry, companies, organisations and many more. The Euregia congress and the IP-Dialog Forum is a spot where new partnerships and cooperative venture start.

The areas of interest at the Exhibition, Congress and the IP-Dialog Forum are very wide. The topics presented during Euregia fair are:

– Employment and structural development

– Energy concepts

– Financing

– Climate protection

– Rural development

– Landscape planners

– Spatial studies

– Regional management

– Regional planning

– Urban development

– Urban planning

– Location development

– Tourism concepts

– Transportation concepts

– Economy, financial assistance scheme

Figures from Euregia 2012 are impressive. There were 2,200 attendees from 25 countries. We held 40 national and international events. 120 exhibitors and 200 speakers from 7 countries took part in Euregia 2012. This year’s Euregia will take place in Leipzig from 27 to 29 October 2014 and the 16th IP-Dialog Forum, within the Euregia, on 29.10.2014.

Thematic strands of this year’s congress and the 16th IP-Dialog Forum are:

Mobility: visions, concepts and solutions for urban and rural areas

Sustainable Europe: innovative, energy efficient, competitive

Proactive civil society: discuss, work and share responsibility

Euregia 2014 is under the auspices of:

Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Regional Development (requested)

Dr. Peter Ramsauer , German Federal Ministry for Transport and Urban Development (requested)

Take part in Euregia fair congress and the 16th IP-Dialog Forum ! Present others what you have to offer and meet us there on 29 October 2014 at the 16. IP-Dialog Forum. Here a link to some references and the steps to taken :




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