VW: Stop poisoning our kids

[ PM Greenpeace ] Volkswagen is sacrificing the health of our families. The global car manufacturer recently admitted to falsifying the results of emissions testing in 11 million of their diesel cars worldwide. The company tried to hide the fact that their vehicles are emitting 35 times the permitted amount of pollution, putting everybody, especially children, at higher risk of pulmonary diseases.

Breathing the nitrogen dioxide which escapes these vehicles is so toxic that, according to the World Health Organization, there are long term links with heart disease and premature birth. This scandal proves to us that Volkswagen puts its profits above the health of the public and, because of this, is likely to cheat its clients, violate regulations and lie to governments.

We cannot permit them to manipulate our health and the health of our children. Demand that Volkswagen’s International CEO, Mathias Müller, provide compensation for the harm caused to the people who have been affected and stop contaminating completely. Complete the form and send it directly to Mr Müller.


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