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“Transport ministers, business leaders, top researchers and key sector representatives gather in Leipzig, Germany this week for the International Transport Forum 2015 Summit, the premier transport policy event.” We will cover the event

The 2015 Summit website provides:

– Live webcast of all major sessions
– Results: key quotes and session summaries as they happen
– Video and photo coverage including session highlights and daily round-ups
– Media coverage, press releases, B-roll footage for broadcasters
– Up to date information on all events

  Quelle / Source : Go to the 2015 Summit website

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Gipfel der Verkehrsminister aus aller Welt, 26. – 29.05.2015 in Leipzig.

[ Paris / Leipzig, 26. Mai 2015 ] Am morgigen Mittwoch treffen Verkehrsminister aus aller Welt in Leipzig ein, um