„They didn`t plug in their Car, they just unplugged me, …“


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„Forrest North, a former Tesla engineer and the chief operating officer of EV-software company Recargo, said he often hears stories like these — or experiences them himself.“I’ve been to this exact station and seen a brand-new Leaf, and on another day a brand-new Volt, parked in this spot and not plugged in,” he said, gesturing to an electric charging station in a parking garage on California Avenue in Palo Alto, Calif.“That would be like parking in front of a gas station that’s completely full, and you just park there and go inside to get some jerky or a sandwich, while there’s a line of people waiting to use it.” North adds that he has witnessed people getting tickets for parking for an extended period of time in EV spots.“

„They come with standard owner manuals, but no Emily Post books on “EV Etiquette.”

Call it next-level first-world problems, but some electric-vehicle owners are bristling at what they see as poor etiquette at the charging station — something that wouldn’t have even existed just two or three years ago. As of September, there were roughly 11,500 plug-in electric vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Dimitrios Papadogonas, a vice president of marketing at Silicon Valley-based ChargePoint, was sitting in the governor’s office not long ago, when he received an alert on his mobile phone.It was from his company’s own app, letting him know that a stranger had unplugged Papadogonas’s electric vehicle, parked two blocks away in a public garage.“I was unplugged for no reason whatsoever. No reason. They didn’t plug in their car — they just unplugged me,” Papadogonas said. “No note!”

Source: http://allthingsd.com/20131214/electric-vehicle-owners-get-charged-up-over-charging-station-manners/

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