PHOIM = Points and Hubs of Intermodal Mobility – strengthening regional tourism, sustainable mobility, transport and trade.

The term PHOIM ( Points and Hubs of Intermodal Mobility ), analog to the term POI ( Point of Interest ) in navigation systems, was  first used and coined by senior consultant Georg von Nessler within worksessions and papers of  the German IP-GreenMobility Project Group „RadWegeRaum“. This project is in R&D and consulting for German federal governmental and regional / communal authorities.

Intermodality is the key to sustainable mobility

The definded 2010 Intermodal Mobility as follows :

„Intermodality is a theoretical term, one that is slightly abstract yet shows a common sense logic: it means combining several means of transport during the same journey, using different types of vehicles to get from A to Z. For example, train + car or bus + bicycle + walking, etc. This logic aims to rationalise the use of the car by offering relevant mobility alternatives. The objective is to make journeys smoother while reducing their carbon footprint.“

Approved systems and steps  to meet this aims, are a combination of e.g.  awareness raising, public participationVitosBee topic server maps , IP-ShareMedia semantic technology  and inbooma online booking systems, integrating interactive PHOIMs, POI and Big Data / Geo Data pattern layer.

This will promote and further the concept of Intermodality, circular economy, public health and strenghen regional tourism, sustainable transport and trade. Not just for mega cities.

We would like to post / report more of implemantations of the „intermodality concept“ to exchange experience and to show best practice examples. Just contact Simon Johanning. Thanks.

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