IP-GreenMobility included in „Consulting in Sustainable Mobility – Made in Germany“ National listing.

We are glad to announce that IP-GreenMobility has been registered in the latest national listing „Consulting in Sustainable Mobility – Made in Germany“ by the GPSM ( German Partnership for Sustainable  Mobility) of the GIZ. The GIZ is a federal German institution on behalf of  the Federal Ministery of Economic Cooperation and Development and the Federal Ministery of Finance.

The GPSM is serving as a guide for sustainable mobility and green logistics solutions and knowledge from Germany, and we are proud to have been qualified to be part of this innovative network.

One of our contibutions is the largest market information and monitor service on sustainable mobility within Europe.  IP-GreenMobility serves as a solid base for strategic marketing- and local authorities decisionmaking.

Get your FREE 30 days TRIAL for the  market information and monitor service sustainable mobility 24 /7 online !

For  >>  governmental or local authority, academic  institution,  University and NGOs

For >>   market reserach / advertising agencies,  industy,  marketing sales departments

Paired with our consulting services, we facilitate success for your endeavors.

Contact us  for more information!

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