Hit the road Zelectric Bug!

„Driving an existing car that’s been converted from gas to electric is greener than driving a new one.Our Zelectric initiative is to support conservation of our environment while pushing the boundaries of today’s most advanced tried and true EV technology.Electric vehicles have the potential to bring about a sustainable future mobility, particularly when powered by 100% renewable energy. We can do this without depleting valuable resources for future generations.“  Zelectric Motors .

It’s the car you grew up with, reborn. Classic icon outside, Tomorrowland-electric drive inside.100% Plug-in. Lithium batteries. AC Motor. 
Charge anywhere. 80–100 mile range. 80+ MPH.All this while sporting the look of a mild-mannered vintage car. Cape optional.

Warning: This car makes people smile.

For updates and availability, join our mailing list: bugme@zelectricmotors.com

Hier gehts zur Webseite :http://www.zelectricmotors.com/

Zelectric Bugs

„Today we take our prototype out on the highway and document it’s real world performance. We’ll drive the car as hard fast as traffic will allow. Here in San Diego that mean highway speeds of 80+ mph. No problem. At the end of a typical 75 mile commute we’ll see how much of the battery pack has been used.“

Happy Motoring.

Look here: http://youtu.be/fqF4Exb5XJ8

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